Family farm Medić – organic fruit growing and processing

Find out what we do on our organic farm.

Fruit growing

Growing fruits, vegetables and spice herbs on our farm takes place in a clean environment, away from large cities and roads, in a completely organic way without using any chemical products.

Fruit processing

We use fruit from our own orchards exclusively, as we strive to maintain the originality and high quality of traditional domestic products, which are made in our own processing facility.

Direct sale

We sell our products by ourselves directly from our farm. Retail sale is currently available in Croatia only. For our wholesale and export prices please contact us at

The EU organic certificate

All our products are labeled with EU organic certificate as a verification of 100% organic farming and production.

Top quality Croatian product

All our products are made exclusively from fruit harvested on our farm, grown in a controlled ecological environment.

Expert supervision

"Prva ekološka stanica Ltd." is a company authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture as the controlling authority for professional control and certification of organic production.

Find out which cultures grow on our farm.

Aronia/chokeberry (Aronia Melanocarpa)

Black chokeberry has attracted scientific interest due to its dense contents of anthocyanins, which are among the highest measured in plants to date. We process aronia berries into 100% fruit juice, dried fruit, jam and preserves, fruit powder and tea.

Jostaberry (Ribes Nidigrolaria)

The jostaberry is a complex-cross fruit of blackcurrant and gooseberry, first made available to public in 1977. Like many other members of the Ribes genus it is rich in Vitamin C. Jostaberry is well suited for organic production being resistant to a number of common diseases afflicting other Ribes.

Other berries

Family Farm Medić focused on growing berries, so we also grow raspberries, strawberries and blackberries in smaller amounts. We also have trees of quinces, cherries, plums, pears and apples.

Spice herbs

In addition to fruit we also grow spice herbs like mint, yarrow, melissa, urtica, garlic, parsley...

Our products

Explore our organic fruit products.

Aronia pure juice: 100% fruit

Aronia pure juice is 100 % fruit juice obtained by cold-pressing our aronia berries. Ther are no water, sugar, stabilizers and preservatives added. It contains naturally occurring sugars only. We are proud that we process our fruit by ourselves in our own small processing facility, so we have total control over the high quality of our products.

Dried aronia berries

In order to preserve the maximum nutritional qualities and natural ingredients, chokeberry dehydration is carried out under the constant supervision of air flow at temperatures up to max. 48°C. Classic drying process is promoted by special dehydration process in a dedicated chamber designed to remove excess moisture. The fruit is not treated with any foreign agents such as sugars, preservatives or stabilizers.

Homemade jams and preserves

All our jams and preserves are handmade and unique for themselves. The process is very "old school" and straightforward - a classic old-fashioned preserving of mashed or chopped fruit with small amounts of sugar. The annual quantities of our fruit preserves are limited to a several hundred pieces only.

Fruit tea

Tea is made by drying and grinding the resulting mash left after juice pressing. You can choose between 100% aronia tea or tea blends and mixtures of aronia and other berries or spice herbs.

Fruit powder

Fruit powder is the fruit essence. It is made with further drying and fine grinding the mash left after juice pressing. The powder is used in countless ways - add it in your cereals for breakfast, mix it with yoghurt and fruit shakes or add it in dough for delicious bread.

Fresh and frozen organic fruit

We offer fresh fruit and berries during the harvest and frozen fruit in retail during the whole year.

Petit Berry

A German organic fruit product brand.

Exclusive producers

We produce and pack all the products for the brand in our own processing facility.

Organic brand

"Petit Berry" was developed with aim to follow active and dynamic lifestyle with top quality organic products.

Germany distributor

The brand is aimed at the German market with a focus on Bavaria.

If you need high quality organic aronia products for your own brand or want to distribute our products in your country please contact us at


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